Zain Raza and Haider Raza’s latest kalaam ‘Mola Meray Mola’ is a fresh addition to the Pakistan’s Qawwali scene. The Sufi music with the infusion of modern musical techniques and composition has attracted praises from people of all age strata.

With carefully crafted lyrics, soulful music composition and meaningful videography, it appears that the singers left no stone unturned to make their mark in the hearts and minds of their audience. The Qawwali shot at different locations under the guidance of director Moiz Khan.

When asked about the idea behind the music, the singers said that while they always took into consideration the importance of the Kalaam, it never appeared to be a haunting task for them and their team.

“From the start till the end we had a positive energy. It can’t be defined but felt. We believe that the energy was the force behind its flawless flow. Any word for Almighty Allah is bound to bring that energy. That’s the power of Qawwali,” said Zain Raza.

But the singers were of the view that they were cautious enough to not slip the message of the Kalaam due to the infusion of western music equipment. “You know the distinctive part of the Qawwali is its connection. If people don’t connect with the higher deity through it. It will lose its charm. Our listeners will find the aroma of tradition in our latest,” said Haider Raza.

The singers said that the composition of the Kalaam compliments the lyrics, to put it in their words, ‘it beautifies the message’. The message of Qawwali is peace and love for all. “That’s the message of Almighty. His mercy is a blessing for all and its unrestricted” said Haider.


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