inDriver launches “Food Ka Pakistan” in collaboration food vlogger RHS


From Karachi to Peshawar, covering all major cities of Pakistan; “Food Ka Pakistan” is an expedition to explore the flavors of Pakistan brought by eminent vlogger RHS in collaboration with inDriver, providing him the freedom to travel while exploring Pakistani street food.

Karachi, the city of lights, is a paradise for street food lovers! inDriver collaborated with Popular food blogger Rana Hamza to celebrate Pakistani street food. Hamza started his journey of experiencing flavors from Karachi, covering Sindh and Punjab regions, to his final destination Peshawar; jaunting via inDriver.

From Gausia Biryani in Karachi to Burning Brownie in Islamabad, Hamza explored a variety of famous food spots from different cities in Pakistan. Over the course of his 16-day journey, he visited around 36 places and discovered the country’s wonderful gastronomy, while inDriver, being his travel partner, gave him the opportunity to freely pick and choose rides on his terms in a single click.

inDriver’s intercity service allowed Hamza to travel from city to city, all while protected by the passenger safety shield option, where he was able to share his ride details as well as connect directly to the police in case of emergency.

inDriver was founded in 2013 to provide users with a viable alternative to services from taxi aggregators with inflexible pricing policies. The service operates based on a unique
peer-to-peer pricing model called Real Time Deals (RTD), which allows passengers and drivers to directly negotiate a fare. This ensures that the terms are as transparent and fair as possible.

Presented with multiple ride options, depending on the location, RHS booked cars, bikes,
rickshaw or intercity cabs through inDriver to continue with his experience. Moreover, he was able to take advantage of inDriver’s option of carpooling in intercity traveling, which hasn’t been offered by any ride-hailing app in Pakistan to date, specifically in the private cars category.

“The collaboration with RHS in his journey to foster one of the treasures of Pakistan was aimed at promoting the country’s culture and traveling. We hope to inspire people to explore cuisines of different cities safely via intercity mode or find hidden spots in their hometown via city rides with the inDriver app,” said Mr.Owais Ali, inDriver spokesperson in Pakistan.

He further added: “inDriver provides passengers and drivers with the freedom to negotiate ride fare directly, whether its intracity or intercity. There is no more worrying about any surge in the fare prices during peak hours, which makes inDriver the best choice for a daily commute!”

Plan out your next journey with inDriver and get a pro-tips by RHS from his flavorful journey “Food Ka Pakistan” x inDriver, at exclusively launched by inDriver.


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