PM Khan meets Ertugrul Makers, aims for big collaboration


Prime Minister Imran Khan has met Drilis: Ertugrul makers in Islamabad on Thursday to talk about Pak-Turkey entertainment industry ties.

In a meeting also attended by Pakistani actors Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed and Turkish star Celal AL aka Abdur Rehman Ghazi, PM Khan told Ertugrul makers that Pakistan also wants to highlight their heroes in Tv and films just like Drilis: Ertugrul.

“We also want to let our youngsters know about our heroes. Our heroes fought with determination against wrong. We want to introduce these heroes to our young generation,” PM Khan said.

PM Khan, who advised Pakistan Television (PTV) to telecast the famous Drilis: Ertugrul in Pakistan, appreciated the makers for producing such quality content. “It was an amazing production and it showed real Islamic history and heroes like Ertugrul and his companions. We showed this drama to our youth to let them know about Islam,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Tv Series project based on the life of prominent Khilafat Movement leader, Turk Lala was also discussed.

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