‘People use social media as license to bully others’ Mehwish Hayat


Mehwish Hayat said the culture of bringing down each other on social media should be changed for the betterment of Pakistan.

Sharing her thoughts on Instagram on her 33rd birthday, Mehwish said social media has given freedom of speech but some people took it as a license to bully others.

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“Social media is great – it has really democratized freedom of speech like nothing else. But some have taken it as a licence to abuse and bully others. Others see it as an excuse to spread fake news and malicious gossip. Wiki giving my age does not make it true!” she wrote.


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“Let’s not knock but support each other. We have this culture of bringing each other down. This has to stop if we are to succeed as a nation. Let’s understand that we are in this together and my success – or anyone else’s – is something of pride for every Pakistani,” she added.

Mehwish, who recently replied to gossips making rounds on social media about her marriage, once again spoke on this issue. She believes that marriage is something not bound with the time.

“It is possible for a girl in her early 30’s to be totally happy without being married and with children. It’ll happen when it will and not to some prescribed timetable. Change needs to be systemic,” she penned down.

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