‘I am getting marriage proposals from Pakistan’ Turgut


Cengiz Coskun aka Turgut ALP of Drilis: Ertugrul revealed that he received a number of marriage proposals from Pakistani girls on Instagram.

Speaking in Eid Special show at ARY News, Coskun said he came to know about his popularity in Pakistan through Instagram where a number of girls approached him for marriage.

“I received many marriage proposals from Pakistan on my Instagram. But, I can’ marry too many women,” he said with a laugh.

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The Turkish actor said he is already in a relationship with someone and don’t want any other woman for now.

On the other hand, Coskun thanked Pakistanis for supporting their drama serial and wished to visit the country as soon as possible. “I really appreciate the love and support we got from Pakistan. Soon, I will be touring Pakistan and meeting lovely people there,” he maintained.

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It must be noted here that Drilis: Ertugrul gained immense popularity in the country after being aired at Pakistan Television (PTV) on special directives from the Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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