Its accurate to call myself a filmmaker: Sheheryar Munawar


Actor-turned-director Sheheryar Munawar believes that he is a complete filmmaker, having experienced all the roles being in the industry.

Speaking to Urdu News after his maiden directorial project ‘Prince Charming’ was released, Sheheryar said he has never limited himself to a particular role.

“I wouldn’t just call myself an actor or a director, since I’ve also done production and written scripts. So, I believe it would be more accurate to call myself a filmmaker,” he said.

“Just because I’ve gotten into direction does not mean I won’t be acting anymore. I’ll be taking on another project in two weeks’ time as an actor,” he shared.

Talking about his new 12-minute short film ‘Prince Charming’ featuring Zahid Ahmed and Mahira Khan, Sheheryar said he successfully managed to pull viewers to his script.

“I’m really happy that not only people understood the story, but also liked it. I feel as though we really underestimate our audience, even though whenever you show them something different, they always watch it,” he said.

“I quickly decided that Mahira and Zahid will be the perfect choice for the role of a married couple well. I made it a point to not portray Mahira as a glamour queen and instead showed her as a girl that other girls watching can identify with,” he maintained.

Prince Charming is a story post-marital depression written by Shehryar. The short film has managed to gain over 200,000 viewers on Youtube since its release.



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