If you follow Sarah Khan on social media, you’d see her having the time of her life being a new mom and spending time with her husband, Falak Shabbir. The actress does not shy away from expressing her adoration for her husband, and that exactly is the idea she endorsed in a recent chat with Something Haute.

She started off by mentioning how her public displays of affection on Instagram and married life are already under a lot of scrutinies. “People often ask me why I have made my married life so public. They call me names like ‘show-off’ and whatnot. They say things like my married life isn’t what I portray it to be, and I just pretend as if I’m living a happy life, when I don’t do that,” she said.

She then went on to explain why it comes so naturally to her. “All the men in my life, be it my father, my brother or my husband, they have always been the ideal brother, father and husband. That’s why marriage to me is a really beautiful concept. Because I’ve seen my parents’ marriage to be a success,” she said.

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“And then when I got married, (I found out) Falak is also like that. That’s why I wonder why don’t we show the good side of the men in the world? And that’s why I’m so public about my married life. I want to show people, and I do show people, that men can also be good people. Things can be good. We can also make a name for ourselves by doing good things,” she said.

Her sweet statement has surely given us couple goals in Sarah and Falak, and we hope their bond always stays this loving and strong. What do you think of Sarah’s thoughts on marriage and PDA? Let us know, and watch the clip below.



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