To realize the all-round development of kids, their curricula should be amalgamated with extra-curricular activities .There is so much pressure on students to perform well in their exams and attain high grades. The problem comes in when students have no life outside their classrooms. They become Zombies whose world revolves around books, with no room for their development as human being s.

Games and other fun-filled activities make them mentally and physically fit and sound. It enhances knowledge in many domains which benefits the student as well as the school. Realizing the responsibility to share your kid’s emotion and strengthen the bond of friendship, National Ketchup is bringing an exciting fun-filled school activation program in various schools of Lahore, Sargodha and Faisalabad. These activities include puppet show, creative activities and a lot more!!

There will also be a National Ketchup Zaroori mom’s corner, where parents will get a chance to take advice for their children health and growth and significance of proper diet for the physical and mental development from nutritionist panel. They are also offering supper amazing discounted deals, specially for mothers on Ketchup, Jams, Mayo and Desert ranges at their mini National Ketchup Zaroori Kiosk.

American Lyceum School – SRG

Posted by National Ketchup on Friday, March 9, 2018


Furthermore National Ketchup is also giving a chance to shop amazing goodies for your kids. Excitement is not over! After the event kid can also participate in National Ketchup Zaroori creative digital contest along with their moms. All they need is to make something innovative using National Ketchup and send a picture of themselves with their entry on ‘National Ketchup’ Facebook page. PS: Make sure you have liked their page to upload your entries.

The best entries will be posted on their wall of fame and the lucky winners of National Ketchup Zaroori Digital contest will be rewarded with fully funded scholarship .You can become a part of this school activity by bringing National Ketchup pack with you on National Ketchup Zaroori Day. So mother do help your kids to fill the contest detail and bring it along on National Ketchup Zaroori Day to enter in the lucky draw.


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