She has done it twice and we trust her that she can do it again. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, the creative director of Pakistan’s first full length animated movie 3 Bahadur, has set high hopes to bring her next Oscar in animations. “I really hope that we can bring an Oscar in animation and Waadi Animations is working very hard to make sure that one day, in near future, the third Oscar that Pakistan brings, is in animations,” said Chinoy in an exclusive interview with us.

Chinoy has been working on documentaries highlighting social issues in Pakistan, for which, she has won Oscar twice. She has also produced and directed Pakistan’s first full length animated movie 3 Bahadur, whose sequel – The Revenge of Baba Balaam – is releasing next week across Pakistan.

“In the sequel of 3 Bahadur, we have shown the battle between good and evil,” revealed Chinoy. “Evil is Baba Balaam and the good is Deenu Chacha, we have shown their battle and 3 Bahadur have to save Deenu Chacha in this film,” she added.

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Talking about difference between producing an animated movie and a documentary, she told that animated movies were time consuming and needed a lot of equipments. “The beauty of animated film is that you transport kids and adults to a world where they can dream, where they can see things that you wouldn’t see in reality,” she told.

“It’s such a pleasure to work with animation and to able to transform audience to a magical world”

The film is produced by Chinoy’s Waadi Animations, which is based in Pakistan. “All the animation, all the V effect, everything has taken place right here in Karachi,” she confirmed.

3 Bahadur – The Revenge of Baba Balaam is releasing next week and we wish Chinoy and her team a very good luck . May She Bring Another Oscar Home!


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