By now you are probably familiar with the crazy ride that Jawani Phir Nahi Ani is. Playing a feisty Pathan chick, Gul, who shares an amusing relationship with her husband, Sarwat Gilani stole hearts everywhere with her performance. With so many successful ventures under her belt, everyone’s keeping an eye on what this actress has to offer next.

Fifi Haroon of BBC Urdu made her spill the beans, and rest assured, she plans on staying in the biz in one way or the other. Seeing what a huge success Cake has been, Gilani reminisced over the time when she was offered one of the leads but couldn’t take part in the project because of her pregnancy. Following that, she feels that there should be more content revolving solely around women, and created by women.

Gilani endorsed the idea of other prominent women in the industry supporting the idea, and confirmed that Aaminah Sheikh, Sanam Saeed, and Mahira Khan fully back-up this project and are working towards it with her. “Aaminah, Sanam, Mahira and I are friends, and we’re on the same page mentally. We all want to do something for women,” she said.

Giving an example of Hollywood doing the same with movies like Oceans 8, Fifi was assured by Gilani that the Pakistani film industry has many plans of prospering. We were speaking about making films on women, for women, by women. We are trying to break the stereotypical bounds and the roles given to women,” she explained, while talking about the same old damsel in distress tropes being used in the industry. She also talked about how the men usually take their families out for movies and the movie creators also take care of their entertainment.

When asked about how she plans on cultivating her ideas, she emphasised on the need for a proper platform and investments. “A platform is necessary. For example, Mehreen Jabbar has great ideas but no one gives her leeway to work on her great ideas. So, we plan that we all have affluent friends so we can ask them to invest,” she explained. “The plan is to at least make four films. Topics could be about men and women, but the initiative is to bring more women in filmmaking, from being behind the camera to being on set,” she further added.

This is great news for women all around, especially feminists. We can’t wait to see what gems these ladies produce with their sheer talent and intellect!


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