‘Social media made people conscious of their image in industry’ Ali Zafar


Ali Zafar suspects that social media has made relations in the industry very formal as people are conscious of their image.

Speaking in The Epic Show, Ali said casual gatherings in the industry have finished due to certain reasons.

“Back in the day, people would meet each other without any sense of ego in the way, but some walls have been built since then. I suspect that social media has a big role to play here because everyone is so conscious of their image and the repercussions of being seen with someone,” he said.

The actor-cum-singer believes that ‘insecurity’ is a wasted emotion in the society. He shared a story of convincing a friend who was upset of him replacing the latter in a project.

“I won’t take names, but I had this conversation with a very famous artist friend of mine who was upset with me. We had a very big project in which they replaced him with me, and I felt that the friendship was there but he wasn’t engaging with me. So, I took him to the side and told him that I recently saw Alamgir and Mohammed Ali Shekhi on TV and they were embracing each other and crying saying that in their time, they had such a fraught relationship due to their rivalry. They were regretting it. For me, people from the industry should be warmer towards each other because we all face similar trials and tribulations,” he highlighted.



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