During a recent guest appearance on a local talk show, Hina Altaf was asked about her favourite actor, and without hesitation, she gushed about her admiration for Ayeza Khan. Hina’s affection for Ayeza is not just limited to her acting skills but also her exceptional work-life balance.

In fact, Hina couldn’t stop praising Ayeza for her impeccable management skills in juggling her marriage, kids, in-laws, and thriving career. “I personally really admire Ayeza Khan. I have never interviewed her, but I am a big fan. I can’t even imagine doing half the work that she does. She’s incredibly hardworking, and only she knows how she manages everything,” she said.

According to Hina, it’s not just her who is in awe of Ayeza’s abilities. The entire industry has nothing but nice things to say about her, and that’s no small feat. “She has two kids and I think that’s amazing management skills. I think our whole industry has something nice to say about her – and she’s the only person to be liked by everyone. I am so happy to see that there is an example set now that two working individuals with their kids, in-laws, families and work still have a successful marriage and successful careers,” she added.

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She also added how she admires her relationship with her husband Danish Taimoor as well, and how they both maintain a healthy balance between work and all other facets of life.


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