The entertainment industry is always abuzz with rumours, but one that has taken the industry by storm is speculation over Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza’s marital status and possible separation, something which the couple has refused to entertain or acknowledge until now.

According to The Express Tribune, Shoaib did not disclose whether the two were still together or not, but he requested everyone to fully respect the couple’s privacy and not invade their personal matters, nor make speculations over their relationship status. He was also quick to mention how his wife Sania will not be entertaining such questions either.

“It is our personal matter. Neither I, nor my wife is answering this question. Leave it alone,” he said firmly.

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The couple is currently busy promoting their new reality talk show, titled The Mirza, Malik Show. Despite the couple’s appearances on the show, the rumour mill did not rest, declaring how the show must be pre-recorded before their supposed separation came into effect. When asked about his plans on doing more showbiz projects, Shoaib responded hopefully and affirmatively. “I do not close any door for myself. If a good opportunity comes up, I will not refuse. Let’s see what happens next,” he said.

However, he was quick to mention where his priorities lied. “[Our son] Izhaan has also started school now. I shall focus on giving maximum time to my family,” he shared.


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