After announcing their celebration of three decades of definitive music with eight new singles, Pakistan’s iconic pop-rock band, Strings has finally released their much-anticipated first single titled Sajni.

Exploring their roots and channeling the energy from their maiden and sophomore albums, Strings cultivates a fresh sound with the release of Sajni. Directed by Yasir Jaswal, the music video features the powerhouse duo Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood, channeling a retro vibe amidst bursts of color and quirky moments to keep up with the playfulness of the song, along with band members Aahad Nayani, Haider Ali, Bradley Dsouza and Adeel Ali. Anwar Maqsood has penned the lyrics for the song.

Strings, who laid the blueprint for pop-rock via their signature sound and inimitable body of work, earlier announced the titles of their first two singles; Sajni and Urr Jaaon, to be released this year along with six other singles. Indeed, that the duo has been playing together since the late 80s is a true marker in what has become one of the most historically significant bands to emerge from South-Asia, ever.



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