In a recent episode of Tonite With HSY, Syra Shahroz was guest with her elder sister Alishba Yousuf. Not many know that Alishba was the one who actually started it in the family and later Syra and Palwasha followed their elder sister. During interview, Syra confirmed rumours that she was actually offered a role in  Hollywood movie but she denied it.

“Yeah, I had to,” she confirmed that she was offered a Hollywood film. “What happened was when they sent me the script tou usmein the role was too bold,” she added.

She believed that it was not necessary to project roles in actual way. “If you are doing the role of a mistress, to zaroori nhn hai, aapko nanga hona parey,” she said with a pause.

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Syra’s next film Chalay Thay Saath is set to release in April this year and in a reply to a question about her on-chemistry with an international star who cannot even speak Urdu, she told “I think magic yehi tha k hum logoun ko aik dosrey ki zaban nhn aati. He had all the ingredients to perform aur ushi ki waja se hamari chemistry bhi bani.”

The actress said that she does not believe in PR and that many earlier, people had to struggle a lot to be famous but now people misuse social media. “You had to be somebody to be a star and now, you can just be on social media and you are like a star.” She was asked to name a few such names. “A lot of bloggers, stars nhn they, but now, its like agar aap kisi so and so k blog per hain, you are doing the right thing.”

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Syra is one of those actresses, who has been criticized for her acting and many believed she just had good looks. On that, she told that she does not care much such people. “People do not understand that there is a way to use your freedom of speech. By bashing others, you are not helping anyone,” she told.

In a rapid fire segment, Syra and Alishba were asked a few quick questions where they disappointed with a few of their answers. The latter believed the legendary Sajjad Ali is not good with his concerts while former said that Ali Azmat can ruin any music festival and that Saba Qamar cannot dance


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