‘Men are accountable of their gaze regardless of women’s clothes’ Hamza


Hamza Ali Abbasi believes that Islam does not allow men to attack women if they are wearing unacceptable clothes.

In a detailed interview on a local news channel, Hamza defended Prime Minister Imran Khan’s views on women’s cloth and increasing temptation in society.

“According to Islamic teachings, women and men are given separate commands. Men are told to account for their own gaze and behaviour, regardless of what a woman is doing or wearing,” he shared his two cents on the issue.

“I believe PM Khan also meant to explain this but people just picked one line out of his interview and started criticizing. See, in our society, such crimes are happening and we need to control it,” he added.

The actor said he is not defending the premier but just backing that part of his statement which is the reality of our society.

“So, in a way, he’s right. Since there aren’t any outlets and if you keep feeding them such content, it builds frustration. Not that having outlets is a good thing, but then they let out their frustration in other ways. I’m not defending Khan sahab, I am just giving my explanation that this in no way means that you make what a woman is wearing an excuse to harass and rape. This is unacceptable,” he explained.

Hamza advised men to look into themselves to find out a solution for it. “Being a man, I will tell men to watch it because the major problem lies in men when it comes to this matter. Whatever women are doing, it is billions of men who are the audience. Men are the ones who spend the money and make the effort to watch these things and then go and harass women,” he concluded.

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