Urwa Hocane has a lot to say about where the local drama industry is headed, and not all of it is pleasant. In a recent interview with Maliha Rehman, the actress questioned all destructive tropes being romanticised by recent dramas and how characters full of flaws and anger issues were considered heroes.

“The kind of heroes we have these days are these angry men, the kind where until he doesn’t snatch your hair you don’t develop feelings for him, or the kind who harass you in university or on the street and you end up falling for them. What are we teaching? And what are young boys and girls learning from this?” she said.

She further added how much dramas these glorify abuse and harassment and are setting a bad precedent for the younger generation to follow. “[The industry has] romanticised harassment, domestic abuse and violence, as well as marital rape to some extent. Have you lost your mind? What is the world we are living in? What is going on?” she demanded, talking about the top trending dramas with Rehman.

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She also added how even the kind of heroines we see in dramas are submissive and meek. And the girl who doesn’t object and doesn’t say anything is the heroine. With this, the younger generation of girls is learning that they shouldn’t say anything, just keep crying and tolerate it all,” she said.

“It has gotten to the point where now when I receive scripts, I have to single out which one is promoting harmful tropes the least,” she added, concluding how it’s tough choosing good scripts because these tropes are promoted by all.

Many people commended Hocane’s thoughts and agreed how the drama industry in on a downward spiral when it comes to content. What do you think? Watch the clip from the interview below.


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