‘Uzma looted my property through Usman’ Amna Usman


Amna Usman, wife of Usman Malik, alleged actress Uzma Khan for looting her property through a love affair with her husband.

Amna, who allegedly threatened, harassed, beaten Uzma and her sister Huma Khan by forcefully entering her house at midnight in Lahore with 12 gunmen, released a video message on social media in which she claimed that Uzma has looted her property worth Million of Rupees.

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“Uzma has looted my property along with Usman who fooled me by showing himself stuck in financial crisis. I tried to help him out by selling my property, jewelry, and cars. In the end, I came to know that those properties, cars, jewelry, and everything went to Uzma,” she claimed.

Amna further said that she had given a couple of chances to her husband who was reportedly in a relationship with the actress. “After trying everything possible to save my marriage, I am now taking a divorce. I gave Usman a second chance when he broke up his ties with Uzma earlier. I thought he had changed himself but he didn’t,” she said.

It must be noted here that a video got viral on social media in which Uzma and her sister Huma Khan were threatened and beaten by two unknown women who accused them of having a relationship with Usman.

After the video made rounds on social media and people started talking about it, Uzma came up with a public statement in which she asked people to support her in the fight for justice against Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik, daughters of Malik Riaz, who allegedly accompanied Amna during the incident.

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