Atiqa Odho thinks Nauman Ijaz’s ‘Infidelity Jokes’ were misjudged


Atiqa Odho came in defense of Nauman Ijaz who faced immense criticism after a year-old interview of him with Iffat Omar went viral on social media in which he made few insensitive comments about infidelity and MeToo.

Taking to Facebook following backlash for her fellow artist, Odho said people took Nauman’s jokes seriously and also questioned their petty mindset.

“You are so naughty and entertaining. Never a dull moment on and off-screen. Anyway, just keep smiling and exposing other petty mindedness. Shame that they can so quickly judge you on a light-hearted moment on camera and disregard your years of service in the entertainment industry. Look ahead my friend and continue on your path of success as always. Stay blessed,” she wrote.

My dear friend @naumaanijazofficial. You really know how to get people's attention! Trust you to joke about infidelity…

Posted by Atiqa Odho on Wednesday, 9 September 2020

It must be noted here that Nauman was under fire after his year-old comments about infidelity and MeToo in an interview with Iffat Umar went viral. “If a woman is beautiful from the inside and outside and is also hard to get/difficult, I fall even more in love!” he said while adding that he is such a good actor and intelligent man that his wife never found this out.

Regarding MeToo, he said it is something happening due to people going away from their religion.

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