Shahid Afridi seems to have a habit of frequently landing himself in a jam with his reckless comments. This time he’s being criticized for his thoughts about Kashmir he so carelessly divulged in while addressing a press meeting in London.

The former cricket captain believes that Pakistan should not be demanding Kashmir as it has not been able to handle its own four provinces. “Pakistan doesn’t need Kashmir; it is unable to even handle the four provinces it has,” says Afridi, in a video from the press meet that has been surfacing over the web. He further emphasised over the need for Kashmir being left alone, and not belonging to neither Pakistan nor India. “Say Pakistan doesn’t need Kashmir, don’t give it to India as well, let Kashmir become a country. The people dying there should not die; humanity should stay alive. It pains to see people die there,” he said.

Being the man of the stature that he is, Afridi should be vigilant about the words he spews, especially under the watchful eye of the world. This is not the first time the cricketer has been surrounded by controversy, he is constantly under fire for his audacious behaviour and opinions. One would think he would learn to be cautious by now, seeing how his intentions can be portrayed unfavourably. Although a few may agree with his stance, Pakistanis are taking at as a form of betrayal to his fellow veteran cricketer Imran Khan, for undermining his efforts for the country.

However, the Indian media is having a field day over his viewpoint, the officials and journalists labelling him as someone who is habituated to make statements like these to stay in the limelight. Always on the lookout for something even mildly contentious, the Indian media makes sure it’s all highlighted in a negative prospect.

Afridi has issued a tweet in hopes of clearing his name, saying his words are being misinterpreted. Let’s see how long this keeps him in a bind.


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