Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands has given us a lot to enjoy, in terms of music. And one of the wonders to make a mark on the local music scene out of the show is 21 The Band. Albeit failing to steal the top spot in the last season, the band is still going strong and has released a soothing new single called Hum Toh.

Deemed as a ballad that explores love, friendship, and loyalty, it is a pleasant surprise for all those who are looking for something tranquil to add to their playlists. Singer and composer, Yahya Farid, seems to have a knack for serenading, as apparent by this track and the music video. It is also a leap towards a different direction from their highly acclaimed single, Taaray, which equipped a more fast-paced rock vibe.

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Directed by Danial Anees the video seamlessly fits with the whole mood of the song, with friends enjoying the ballad around a bonfire. In fact, it really does fit in with the kind of songs that one would love to play or sing at a bonfire with the right company. Moreover, the playful visuals of a couple of friends spending quality time together also heightens the message the song is trying to deliver, pertaining to love, friendship, and loyalty.

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All in all, if you want to see the local music scene take things up a notch and are on the lookout for catchy and comforting ballads, give this song a listen. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.


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