‘Want to join police, rangers to get sexual abusers myself’ Shaniera Akram


Wife of former Test cricketer Wasim Akram and social activist, Shaniera Akram expressed her anger over yet another rape case of a six-year-old girl in Karachi.

On Wednesday, a rape case of a minor was reported in Korangi. The six-year-old girl went missing from outside her home on Tuesday night and was found dead next morning in dumping area. An investigation revealed that the girl was raped.

While reacting to yet another heartbreaking incident, Shaniera wished to get into law and enforcement agencies to catch these sexual abusers.

“Forget going in to Politics, I want to join the Police force & Rangers and go get these Monsters myself, Nothing would make me happier!” she wrote.

“This little girl the same age as mine went out to play & never came back. Tell me to stop talking about it, Go on I dare you?? This happened 20 min from my home. This happened in my city. This happening in our Country. And This Keeps on happening!! Tell me to stop? I won’t!” she lamented.

In a follow up tweet, Shaniera said she can’t ignore such heinous act until any action is taken by the authorities. “Stop telling me this happens everywhere. I’m telling you it’s happening in Pakistan. And I refuse to ignore it until our country does something about it! Too much pain. Too much blood spilled. Not enough awareness. Not enough is being done to stop it. When will it end!” she shared her concerns.

Remember, it is not the first such case in Pakistan, as earlier a lot of minor and teenage girls were raped and killed.

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