People want to see women crying on Tv: Maya Ali


Maya Ali reiterated that Pakistani dramas showing oppressed women get more ratings than simple dramas without such content.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Mann Mayal actress said people in Pakistan want to see women crying on Tv otherwise they don’t watch it.

“Honestly speaking, our people want to see women crying on Tv. I have approached so many writers and producers to make something apart from showing women oppressed but they say such dramas don’t get ratings,” she shared.

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“I don’t know this mentality but it is true. I think in our society not all women are oppressed, my mother is very independent in fact so many females around me are so independent,” she maintained.

Maya stressed to also show women empowered alongside oppressed which will make dramas more appealing. “I am not against showing women oppressed but there should be some strong cause behind it. Let’s take the example of Verna by Shoaib Mansoor, a woman was showed helpless initially but then it also portrayed the powerful picture of women,” she concluded.

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