‘Remove my name from history if I fail to deliver’ Shoaib Akhtar


Shoaib Akhtar is confident to put the Pakistan cricket team on winning ways if he gets a chance to provide his services.

Speaking at PTV Sports, Akhtar said just three months are required to correct Pakistan’s cricket and he can easily do that with the help of three men at the right positions.

“I can challenge you, give me just three months. I will put three men at three main departments and your cricket team will be right on track. If I fail to do so, change my name or even remove my name from history,” the former cricketer challenged.

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Earlier, Akhtar criticized the Pakistan team for losing second Test by an inning and 176 runs against New Zealand. The cricketer-turned-analyst called Pakistan team ‘Club-Level Team’.

“It was way disappointing to see such mediocre performance from our team. It seemed like a school or club level team was playing against New Zealand. We now need to change the system and not just team management,” he had said.

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