‘Actors, Journalists can’t be friends’ Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan believes that actors and journalists can’t be friends as it puts work hurdles for both of them.

Speaking to Something Haute, Mahira said a journalist writes about actors’ work and friendship shouldn’t exist there.

“I don’t have journalist friends. Because I don’t understand this. Journalists write about our work, if they are our friends, how can it work. For me, they can’t be friends for their own good” she said.

Mahira shared she doesn’t believe in PR and never sent her pictures to anyone for posting in media.

“People think I have a very huge PR and my team is there working for me. Actually, I don’t believe in it to be honest,

“I have never sent my pictures to anyone to post it in media. But, people think so what can I do,” she continued.

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