‘Thank god, I don’t have daughters’ says Sahiba


Sahiba, Pakistani actor and wife of Afzal Khan aka Rambo, is thankful to god for not having daughters in this age.

Speaking in Nida Yasir’s morning show, Sahiba said daughters feel a lot of pressure and wished she was a son.

“I always wanted sons. I am thankful over the fact that God did not give me a daughter in this day and age, because daughters face too much pressure, Sahiba said.

“Their whole lives they never get their own way. First it’s the parents’ pressure, then it’s the husband’s pressure. She has no will of her own. Girls don’t have a life of their own,” she explained.

However, Rambo wanted to have daughters, inspired by the daughters of his fellow actors  Shaan and Saud.

“I feel it. When my sons come in and meet my wife at night and then leave. I tell them, ‘Son, I am your father as well. It’s my wallet.’ I look at Shaan and his daughters and how they’re always around him. They love him so much. Saud doesn’t breathe without his daughter,” he shared.


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