Who doesn’t love Atif Aslam? The singer is quite the permanent resident in the hearts of not only Pakistanis, but fans in the neighbouring countries as well. The singer was recently the subject of a heartwarming tribute by Euphoria’s lead singer, Palash Sen. In an Instagram post, he lauded Aslam greatly while sharing an old picture of them together.

“According to me, the one singer-musician who has made the maximum impact on Bollywood’s music and most singers over the last 15 years is this man. The awesome Atif Aslam,” he wrote.

He also went on to write about all the things that made Aslam stand out from the rest. “I say this with a lot of humility. He has style, panache, and that nasal twang that most singers in Bollywood tried to imitate. And his music is still copied by some leading music directors.. the minor chord kings!” he added.

On a concluding note, he shared where the candid picture was from. “This pic is 10 years old, when both of us collaborated for our concert in Abu Dhabi. And both Indians and Pakistanis sang along and danced together. Music unites!” he wrote.

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Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Sen has been vocal about his admiration for the Pakistani talent. He has also toured and collaborated with Pakistani artists like Strings, etc, despite it not sitting well with the Indian audience. His post for Atif Aslam also garnered him a lot of flak, but he stuck with his word.

“I don’t think people really understood the essence of my post, because it had layers. I was hinting at many more things than endorsing Atif,” he told The Hindustan Times.

“My question was very basic: Do we really lack talent that there was so much influence from one musician on Bollywood? I think Atif did make a big impact, hence Bollywood forgot our own talent and everyone started following his way of singing/ making music,” he added.

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