‘I don’t feel safe as a woman anywhere in the world’ Sanam Saeed


Sanam Saeed believes that as a woman she is not safe anywhere in the world at any time and anything can happen to her.

Speaking to Express Tribune on the sidelines of a protest against women abuse following back-to-back rape incidents in the country, Sanam said women are not safe anywhere, be it London, India, or Pakistan.

“Being a woman, I don’t feel safe even when I go to London. Be it Pakistan, India, or London, women are not safe anywhere which is why we are scared of going out,” said Sanam.

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Talking about Marwah’s case and the Lahore Motorway incident, Sanam said it is heartbreaking that such incidents are increasing day by day in the country. “It is disgusting and really unacceptable in our society that we are not safe anymore,” she said.

The actress also expressed disappointment over CCPO Lahore’s statement in which he blamed the mother of three children who was raped at midnight on Motorway. “I don’t know what to say but it was really disappointing to listen to a police officer blaming the victim and asking women to not go out late at night. It portrayed the mindset of our society,” she reiterated.

Meanwhile, Sanam stressed the need for educating children, women on physical abuse. “It is need of the hour to introduce education on the child, women abuse. It will help in spreading awareness among people and make them capable to differentiate between right and wrong,” she concluded.


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