Keeping the spirit of 23rd March alive, Ali Zafar has released a new track, full of patriotic fervour and enthusiasm. The song, titled Jaan De Deinge, is a tribute to Pakistan, lauding all the efforts and sacrifices made by our ancestors for the purpose ofgaining independence.

The video features picturesque sceneries from all over the country, with up-close shots of people from different professions expressing patriotism in their own ways. Among these are soldiers, athletes, students, children, individuals from different backgrounds either standing tall and proud with Zafar, or indulged in various activities.

The end of the four-minute clip shows a message by Zafar, which says “the only thing worth fighting for is Peace.” Produced by Shany Haider, the song has been written and composed by the singer himself, and features his brother Danyal Zafar on guitars.

Patriotic anthems are quite the norm within the local music industry, and considering the tension faced by the country within the past couple of months, it seems like an apt time to express nationalism through songs.


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