An arrest warrant has just been issued against filmmaker Jami who was recently involved in a defamation lawsuit filed by Sohail Javed. The arrest warrant comes after Javed filed a defamation suit worth PKR 1 Billion against him earlier this year when Jami posted a letter from a sexual assault survivor.

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It all started when Jami read out a letter from the said victim at this year’s Lahooti Melo and later posted it without naming any people involved. In the letter, it was mentioned how the victim suffered abuse at the hands of a famous TVC / music video director in the industry. Soon as the letter spread like wildfire, Javed served Jami a legal notice and took the case forward.

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Jami has responded to the arrest warrant in Facebook post, reiterating how he will take any measures necessary to protect the victims. “Bring your warrants or court orders. We already at war and will pay the price as it was all about awareness, empowering the survivors and letting the industry know we are surrounded by dark forces,” he wrote.

Issued by Aurangzeb Shah, the Additional Session Judge, the warrant states that Jami has been prosecuted under Section 265(c) of the Code of Criminal Procedure.


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