Asim Azhar clarifies ‘Soneya’ wasn’t for Hania


Asim Azhar said his latest single ‘Soneya’ wasn’t about Hania Amir but for the people who tried to change the narrative of his existence as an artist.

A fan asked Asim on YouTube “Is this song for Hania?”. In reply, Asim clarified the buzz and said “No, its for everybody that has tried to change the narrative of my existence as an artist. Its for everyone to know that I’m here because of my work and nothing else. Oh, and also, for the broken hearts.”

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It must be noted here that Asim remained trending on social media after Hania rejected all speculations of being in a relationship with Asim Azhar. ‘Soneya’, a heart-break track, further created hype on internet, especially due to the time of its release.

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