Waqar Zaka predicts the fall in crypto market earlier


We have seen an immense incline towards Cryptocurrency and new investors from all around the globe are putting in their money at stake over Crypto coins. A few weeks back we also saw the Tesla famed Elon Musk backing up a currency called DogeCoin.

Pakistan has also seen a massive peak and interest in trading in Cryptocurrency and one person who has been backing this up is Waqar Zaka. Waqar has been backing up and asking people to invest in this for 6 years now, he also happens to have a private group on Facebook with a community of over 6000 investors who are also earning big in this currency.

Recently the crypto market saw a huge dip, the most famous BitCoin hit a new low of 32,000, and Waqar predicted this 2 weeks ago live on national television talking about the dip.

If you have a thing for Crypto you should definitely check the spaces out for the highs and lows.

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