The much-awaited first song from Superstar is finally out, and it is everything you’d want in a romantic ballad. Ever since the announcement for Bekaraan made rounds on social media, fans have been itching to witness the chemistry between Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf and rest assured, they’ll make you forget every IT pairing before this.

Accompanied by Ali Sethi and Zeb Bangash’s soulful vocals, the video features the lead couple immersed in an emotive dance routine, all clad in black. Khan’s look is reminiscent of her days in Humsafar, only a lot more oomph-ed up, while Ashraf looks every bit like a man madly in love. The pair collectively breathes soul into the vocals with their expressions, passionate embraces, and dance lifts that seem to come naturally for both.

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The overall feel of the video and the song is truly romantic in its essence, something that’s a breath of fresh air after coming across hoards of flashy wedding dance numbers. Moreover, it also leaves the viewers looking forward to what the story is, as the pair does a great job of looking incredibly in love with each other.

With Azaan Sami Khan and Saad Sultan as the music composers, and lyrics by Shakil Sohail, Bekaraan will keep you hooked throughout the summer. Trust us, you will soon find yourself sending it to a significant other, or at least wishing you had that someone special to share this dreamy song with.


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