Celebrities staging protest to demand ‘No mercy for rapists’


Back-to-back rape cases in Karachi and Lahore respectively had united the entire nation at one platform to demand justice against ‘Rapists’.

5-years-old Marwah was kidnapped, raped, and found dead in Karachi’s area of Essa Nagri whereas a mother of three kids was raped in front of his children late night on Motorway in Lahore. Both incidents followed a protest on social media where people demand the public hanging of rapists.

Now, celebrities including Yasir Hussain and Feroze Khan have decided to come out on the streets against rapists.

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According to Yasir’s Instagram story, all his fellow actors, writers and directors will come out on September 14 to stage a peaceful protest to demand ‘No mercy for rapists’. He also shared a poster and asked the media to support them in their cause to raise voice against child and women abuse.


On the other hand, actors also demanded the public hanging of rapists on social media to control this brutality in the country.

Feroze Khan urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to follow the ‘Riasat e Madina’ model as promised by him and hand rapists publicly. “I will always count on your statement that Pakistan will be ‘Riasat e Madina’ and if you don’t hang these monsters raping and killing children and women in the open nothing can ever be changed, just make one example. Public execution is what I demand Imran Khan,” he wrote. 

Mansha Pasha highlighted how ignoring such matters have made this problem permanent.

Mahira Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Neelum Munir, and Ayesha Omar questioned the attitude of the police officer who blamed the rape-victim.

Remember, CCPO Lahore was quoted saying that a Mother of three children shouldn’t be out the late-night or might not have chosen a link road to travel alone.

“What surprises me is that, being a mother of three (young) children and the only driver (unaccompanied by an adult male), why would she not take the GT Road that has population around it? If nothing else, she should have checked her fuel,” he had said and this statement was followed by immediate trend on Twitter ‘#RemoveCCPOLahore’.


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