‘Our content is worthless in international standards’ Asif Raza Mir


Veteran actor Asif Raza Mir believes that entertainment content in Pakistan has been failed to match international standards.

While talking to VCAST, Mir said content in Pakistan lacks quality which is the reason why digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon haven’t picked Pakistani original content yet.

“Our content lacks quality which is why not a single original Pakistani content has been able to take place in Netflix and Amazon so far,” he said.

“The period that I was in Geo for the first time, we started exporting our content to places like Barbados, Poland, and Australia,” he shared while adding, “Our content started going global, even to India for that matter. People loved our content but there was an issue — quality.”

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The actor-cum-entrepreneur compared Indian and Pakistani content to better explain why Pakistan hasn’t been able to match international standards.

“See, India have switched from their films to these platforms because they quickly understood the importance of quality. Here quality refers to technical abilities,” he believes.

“Whereas we don’t see competitors and don’t create comparisons, we’ll think our content is great but it is not. It is not great technically. It is beautiful as far as the concept is concerned, great performances, great direction but technically worthless. Our audio is useless. Our visuals are crap. Our editing is not worth talking about,” he pointed out.

“I know people will not like what I am saying but that is a true fact. In today’s world, platforms [such as Netflix] have the highest standards of quality,” he concluded.


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