Despite their divorce, Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari have maintained a very cordial relationship with the family and the way they promote healthy boundaries is almost admirable. Sabzwari welcomed his first child with Sadaf Kanwal recently, and according to the parents, the sisters have been inseparable ever since.

Yousuf recently appeared on an episode of Pyar Zindagi Aur Karachi for Fuchsia Magazine and shared how her daughter Nooreh was “very excited” to meet her sister and always wanted a sibling. “When Zahra was born, Nooreh was on top of the world,” she said.

“Everyone around her has siblings, all her friends, and you know Alishba has two kids too. So, she has seen siblings everywhere and she wanted one. It makes me very happy to see her that way,” she added.

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She also went on to talk about how important it is to keep children away from negativity, especially one that comes with being in the public eye. “I don’t think we should pollute the minds of children. They are innocent, they are pure and we should keep it that way,” she said.

Similarly, Sadaf Kanwal also shared her sentiments which depicted how much fun their family has whenever Nooreh is around. Yousuf’s former father-in-law Behroze Sabzwari also shared how he would fully support the idea of his former daughter-in-law settling down with someone else now. The way the family promotes a healthy dynamic between all of the members has gotten them appreciation from fans and others alike.


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