‘Social media is a blessing’ says Yashma Gill


Yashma Gill thinks that social media has made it easier to highlight something wrong and bring it to the attention of others.

Recently, Yashma appeared as a guest in Time Out With Ahsan Khan alongside Fahad Shaikh. While having a conversation with the host, Yashma shared her two cents on how social media is playing an important role to highlight different issues.

“People have more means to express their opinions and showcase their talent now. A lot of people are against social media but I personally believe it’s a blessing,” she asserted.

“There were so many things that wouldn’t reach us before social media, but now it’s easier to get people’s attention. No one can just do something wrong and simply get away with it. All it takes is one video or one message. People aren’t scared anymore,” the actor highlighted.

Meanwhile, the young actor also talked about getting married in a society where parents often force their daughters to do so.

“Companionship is something everyone desires. But I think you should get married to someone you can actually live a happy and satisfying life with, so you should be careful and not rush into it,” she shared.

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