‘Controversy is the bread and butter of talk shows’ Saboor


Saboor Aly believes that interviewers in talk shows try to take out some controversy and they think it is the only way to get hit.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Saboor shared how on several shows she was asked about her late mother just to cash on her emotions.

“I think these talk shows are meant to run like this and they don’t think any other way would work. I think it is their bread and butter and we have to adjust to it. But, if people ask you improper questions, you should respond to them in a similar manner,” she highlighted.

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“The kind of questions people ask you in interviews, they will purposely ask me questions about my mother and I know they’ll zoom in on my face as soon as they do. It’s like they’re cashing on our emotions. This is very sad but this is our reality,” she lamented.

On the other hand, Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai actor disclosed that she came into Lollywood with a lot of reservations but her mother’s support and wish led her to work hard and make a name.

“Sajal came into this field willingly; I came into it with reservations. I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer, but that couldn’t happen. My mother wanted me to be successful like my sister Sajal and she supported me every time. And, this is how I came into acting,” she shared.

“Again, as I said I didn’t want to do it, and I don’t feel good saying because of my success. But, when I came into it, I gained all my success through my hard work and my mother’s support,” she mentioned.

Talking about playing different roles including negative ones, Saboor said people relate to such roles more often. “I don’t understand why the negative characters usually suffer criticism, even when people also watch dramas with negative characters more often. I think people relate more to negative characters,” she concluded.

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