Over the weekend, drama serial Kuch Ankahi came to end. And like a cherry on top of the ending that was loved by many, Azaan Sami Khan released a remix version of one of his OSTs from the drama, called Dildara (Monsoon Mix).

The track came with a visualizer which showed Azaan Sami Khan sitting in a car at night with heavy rain pouring, visually creating the atmospheric ambiance of a rainy night. With its atmospheric setting and introspective shots, the rain pouring down symbolises the intensity of emotions conveyed in the song, while the up-close pensive shots of the singer evoke a sense of vulnerability and raw sentiment.

While the original version of Dildara provided a more upbeat feel, the Monsoon Mix of Dildara embraces the spirit of the rainy season, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the song’s atmospheric charm and fully embrace the monsoon ambiance. S.K. Khalish, the lyricist behind the words, not only captures the thematic essence of the drama serial but also strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced unwavering devotion and deep affection for a loved one.

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The drama serial’s main OST, titled Kuch Ankahi, was also made by Khan serving as the music director and the singer, with lyrics penned by Mohammed Ahmed & S.K Khalish.

Check out Dildara’s Monsoon Mix below.


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