‘PM Khan’s statement on temptation reflects father figure in him’ Khalil


Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar believes that Prime Minister Imran Khan thought like a father of this nation while giving his statement on women’s clothes leading to temptation.

While talking on Bol News, Mere Paas Tum Ho writer said people who are against PM Khan’s statement are so-called liberals and they are working on some sort of agenda.

“I salute him for making such a statement. At least, he has some sort of feeling against this liberalism. And, I see a father figure in him while making this statement, a father who wants his nation to correct themselves,” he marked.

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Meanwhile, Khalil suggested PM Khan to monitor drama content in the country, which he thinks is the major source of developing opinion. “I want PM Khan to monitor drama content, those dramas which have more than 90% female viewership. If you don’t take any step towards the betterment of drama content, you will bear a huge loss,” he stated.

“This is the right time to develop a strong social set-up which allows good women to work with freedom. We need to respect good women, women who work with honesty and wear full clothes by providing them a healthy work and living environment,” he concluded.

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