The third day of 14th HUM Bridal Couture Week kicked off with the designer duo Asifa and Nabeel collection titled A Roaring Melodrama. The collection brought dynamic pieces of oceanic waves fused with the fragile carnations on the ramp, which was followed by Annus Abrar’s Shehnaai. Emraan Rajput was the third to present his collection Chashme Shahi on the runway. Sana Abbas closed show one with her collection named Noor. Show two started with the Nouvelle Mariée Vol II by the designer duo Nickie Nina, which was followed by Ahsan Menswear’s Samjhota. The 14th edition of HUM Bridal Couture Week was concluded by Sonya Batla.

The concluding day of QHBCW had an amazing line-up and power-packed performances; Kubra Khan of Sang-e-Marmar fame and Shahzad Sheikh graced the ramp for Asifa and Nabeel whereas Neelum Muneer show-stopped for Annus Abrar and Sonia Hussain walked for Sana Abbas. Junaid Khan ramped for Emraan Rajput and Sumbul Iqbal show-stopped for Nickie Nina. The designer duo also paid tribute to late Junaid Jamshed. Humaima Malik walked the runway for Sonya Battla and Fuzon performed live to conclude the bridal extravaganza.

Sonya Battla’s collection was dedicated to Dar ul Sukoon, a home for physically and mentally challenged children and adults and Sister Ruth thanked the designers and encouraged the audiences to come forward and support the good cause of providing food and shelter to the helpless.

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Asifa & Nabeel:

A Roaring Melodrama by Asifa & Nabeel brings dynamic pieces of oceanic waves fused with fragile nature of carnations on the ramp. The collection manipulates structure and similarities of waves and carnations translated on fabric .The delicate and mighty nature of both is present in all the pieces. Nature keeps inspiring in different forms, therefore giving the collection, A Roaring Melodrama.

Annus Abrar:

Annus Abrar presents his sense of grandiose that fuses classic glamour with modern elegance to create an indulgent bridal collection Shehnaai. Romantic silhouettes set the mood for this imperial dream collection in a colour palette of ornate hues, jubilant bling and radiant accents to tell a decadent story that is overtly feminine. Shehnaai, as a range, features elegant concepts, delicate luxe fabrics, glamorous lashings of handwork and Annus’s iconic styled cuts and detailing to create a timeless capsule reflecting royalty of generations-past in modern times. Annus Abrar’s Shehnaai is a sprinkling of dramatic intensity, capable of evoking a story of time travel in a royal carriage.

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Emraan Rajput:

Emraan Rajput’s Chashme Shahi, the Royal Spring depicts the royal opulence of the season with a diverse colour palette comprising of green, maroon, moonlight blue and black. The collection is developed with hand woven fabrics which have a rich texture, highlighted by intricate hand embroidery for a grand finish. Chashme Shahi is the ultimate spring package for men who like to flaunt their style.

Sana Abbas: Sana Abbas’ QHBCW 2017 collection نور pays homage to the opulence and traditions of sub-continental weddings. The collection is created using the finest of fabrics such as organza, net, lamê, brocade, and the timeless jamavar and incorporates a celestial colour palette in each piece keeping in mind rituals of all wedding occasions.  With hues of ebony ivories, pastel pinks, aqua blues and dusky grays, نور completes every bride’s wedding trousseau.

Nickie Nina:

Nickie Nina’s Nouvelle Mariée Vol II draws inspirations from the ornate architectural motifs of European palaces in order to reinvent Eastern couture by redefining classics. The collection features luxurious brocades coupled with intricate multi-dimensional embroidery while effortlessly embracing the romance of royal couturiers from time gone by. The designer duo’s meticulous craftsmanship brings colours to life by integrating a colour palette which draws on the mystic pastels of mint green, pinks, lilac and stormy grey which are highlighted by silver and gold 3D embellishments transitioning into multi-coloured jewel tones.

Ahsan’s Menswear:

Ahsan Menswear’s Samjhota is inspired by the idea of artificial nature and the blending of synthetic and natural materials. The colour palette in this collection is four solid colours to keep balance between ‘restrained vs. liberated’.

Sonya Battla:

Sonya Battla’s Aatish is inspired by Kashmir and Kashmiri craft traditions and the famous Kashmiri embroidery Kasida. Varied, rich colours, elaborate in detail and exquisite in execution, the Kasida patterns are freely drawn by the naqqash mostly from memory. Kashmiri embroidery is very intricate and has taken much time to get the finished look. Almost all outfits have taken approximately one year to embroider. The delicacy of the Kashmiri craft mix rich and earthy tones and the colours of fire with rich reds to bright red oranges will set the mood for the presentation.


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