‘Didn’t choose you to make irrelevant statements’ Saheefa tells PM Khan


Saheefa Jabbar Khattak was very unhappy with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement regarding women tempting men by wearing short clothes.

Taking to her Instagram story, Saheefa said Pakistanis had chosen Khan as PM to solve the problems and not for giving irrelevant statements.

“We have chosen you to make our country better and not for giving irrelevant statements,” Saheefa called out. “Firstly, do justice with teenage girls who were sexually abused and then give such statements,” the actor stressed.

“Every time, you [PM Khan] start blaming the opposition. Kindly, do not do that, people want you to solve their problems and not just blaming the opposition,” she added.

While talking with Jonathan Swan of HBO Axios during an interview, PM Khan stressed the need of knowing the fact that women wearing short clothes will definitely have an impact on men in a society like Pakistan.

“See, we live in a society where if a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on men unless they are robots,” the Premier had asserted.

“Such things have an impact here because we don’t have discos or nightclubs here where men can go and take out their frustration. It is a completely different society,” he added.

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