‘I don’t judge smokers’ Feroze Khan schooled a fan


Social media has become the easiest way for people to engage with celebrities, talk to them, share and take advice through it. But, sometimes it puts you in embarrassment, especially when a particular celebrity hits back at your critical comment.

Similar happened to a fan on Instagram when Khani actor Feroze Khan schooled her after she judged him for smoking.

Feroze posted a picture on Instagram while smoking with a caption “You’re not an angel for sure, but a lot more precious than that.”

A fan named Omamah Iftikhar replied to this picture and wrote “Smoking kills! And we, your fans, definitely don’t want that to happen. May Allah bless you and your family a long life. But, just a reminder.”

The actor hit back at the comment and schooled her for judging people who smoke. “Ameen! I’m non smoker. And I don’t judge those who smoke. Horse riding also kills. Just anything can kill. And also nothing can,” he wrote.

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