‘Govt ready to lift Film Industry’ assures Shibli Faraz


Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Senator Shibli Faraz said lifting Film Industry in Pakistan is one of the top priorities of the government.

Shibli met Pakistan Film Producers Association’s delegation led by Chairman Mian Amjad Farzand to listen to their concerns. After listening to their problems, the Minister assured complete government’s support to lift the status of Pakistani films as quoted in a press release.

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“Films not only entertain but are also crucial for social reform. We have to protect our national heritage and culture through films as well as portray a positive image for the country in front of the world. In this regard, the government is ready to provide all possible facilities to the film industry,” Shibli said.

Moreover, he also pledged to acknowledge all artisans for their work in this industry. “All possible steps will be taken to address issues related to the film industry including honoring scriptwriters, musicians, directors, producers and actors” he concluded.

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