If you have been keeping a close eye on social media in the past week or so, you must have come across all the hate and backlash Mehwish Hayat has been getting for receiving the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz at the Civil Awards ceremony on Pakistan day. Many questioned her credibility, while some became downright hostile and pointed fingers at her character. Let’s just say the people of Pakistan displayed an aggressive approach, instead of celebrating the star.

After bearing the brunt of it for the past few days, the actress has finally clapped back at all the haters. Taking to Instagram and Twitter, Hayat addressed all those who unnecessarily accused her character, and expressed her dismay over the backlash.

“I feel I must address the nonsense that some people are spewing about my award. Debate all you like whether you think I deserve it or not, we live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinions, I respect that. However, I do draw the line when my character is being questioned in the most filthy way,” she started off.

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The actress highlighted how sexist the whole ordeal is, and pointed out all the foul names she has been called ever since it was announced that she would be receiving the award. She also added how these names are not only an insult to her, but also to all the hardworking women in the country.

“I never wanted to make this a gender thing but it is unfortunate that others seem to be. I’ve been called a tawaif, a slut, a whore and so many other fanciful names so often that it has stopped affecting me. However, to suggest that I slept my way to this award is an abhorrent slur on all the hard-working women in our country,” she added.


On an ending note, Hayat stated how nobody has the right to drag her name down with their nasty implications, and that all the hate has only left her stronger as a result.

“We may be part of an industry that is seen to be glamorous – but it doesn’t mean that we have forsaken our morals. What gives anybody the right to drag my name into the gutter with crude insinuations. You don’t know me! Thank you to all the supporters and also to all the haters, it has only made me stronger. The last couple weeks have been quite an eye-opener for me,” she said.

Many prominent personalities also expressed their support for the actress, including Shahzad Roy, Ali Zafar, and Nadia Jamil, who all urged the actress to ignore the hate and celebrate her win.





Hopefully, Hayat’s rant will speak volumes within the haters and will urge them to think twice before splashing dirt over another female celebrity’s achievements.


  1. Well calling her name’s it’s not ethics at all!!! Or disgracing her for her work as well!!! But yes I don’t get the reason of her getting the award!!! That is still there!!! That’s good all her co workers r supporting her and it should be that way but still I believe that what she have done to receive this title??? Kindly tell me!!! There r bunch of other talented actors who r well deserving!!!!


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