‘Drama makers are responsible to change sappy-sad stories trend’ Sanam


Sanam Jung believes that Pakistanis are more interested in watching sappy-sad stories in the dramas and those dramas get higher ratings.

While sharing her thoughts in an interview with Urdu News, Sanam said drama makers follow the massive interest of the public in emotional turmoil.

“I have seen people taking more interest in emotional turmoil in the dramas. It’s the responsibility of the producers and channel owners to change this trend, but again, it’s all about ratings and such dramas manage to garner the highest ratings,” she said.

Meanwhile, the actor-cum-host shared that he wants to work in films and waiting for the right opportunity. “I don’t have a particular dream role. A few films are offered to me but I am waiting for a perfect one that suits me. Everyone has set their own boundaries, so if I am satisfied with a role, I will definitely work in a film,” she mentioned.

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