‘Nowadays, threats are too modern, cool’ shares Waseem Badami


One of the renowned Pakistani anchors, Waseem Badami shared that how news anchors/program hosts get threats nowadays.

Speaking in Time Out With Ahsan Khan, Badami said threats to anchors have become too modern and cool. “To be very frank, threats/blackmailing has become too modern nowadays,” he shared.

“For example, a person will say to you, ‘Waseem Bhai, please understand, you’re going to leave SITE area after your show at this time and take this route and go to your house which is here. Why are you saying such things on your show? Please don’t say such things.’ Or someone says, ‘I love and admire you very much and if one of my people ends up doing something bad to you, I would be very upset’,” the anchor maintained.

It must be noted here that Waseem is a host of the political show ’11th Hour’ on ARY News. The lad also hosts one of the biggest Ramadan Transmission in Pakistan and also PSL transmission on ARY.

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