Safe to say, it is not just Sri Lanka’s captain who is raving about the security arrangements in Pakistan. After the return of international cricket to Pakistan through Sri Lanka, the PCB and related authorities have made sure the team is safe and secure at all times and it is truly apparent. In fact, the fact was appreciated and lauded by the team’s head coach Rumesh Ratnayake in a recent press meeting.

“The security is immense, it’s really fantastic. These guys are really top-notch guys,” he said. “We are provided security which I haven’t seen even on TV before or somebody has been provided like that. We are told that this type of security is provided to prime ministers and presidents but I don’t think even PM in Sri Lanka would get this level of security. We are protected well here,” he added.

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As for the recent glitches that were heightened by the rain, the coach added how the players did not train as much as they were supposed to but that will not be an issue in terms of their performance. “The prep hasn’t been good but that’s not going to be an excuse because they all are professional players, even though they aren’t those ten players who aren’t here but people who have taken their place know they’re here been challenged to do well, it is also for their future,” he said.

The coach also added how their prime focus was to win, despite the weather conditions. “We have come here to play cricket and to win. And, it not in a light way, we have come to compete. What we are discussing is to win, and what we are planning is to win,” he said.

Interestingly, the coach was all praises for PM Imran Khan as well, reminiscing over the great relations Khan shared with Sri Lanka.


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