If you’ve been seeing Fawad Khan on the radar lately, it is probably because of the new Pepsi commercial. The singer/actor seldom shows us his face onscreen but when he does, he makes sure his fans go wild over his presence. Khan has also lent his vocals for the song that’s accompanying the commercial, namely Khel Ja Dil Se and has evidently created a buzz among cricket fans.

Khan’s recent onscreen endeavours are full of him promoting the brand, along with the song. Similarly, veteran cricketer Wasim Akram has also been following suit in promoting Pepsi. Now we’re all for celebrities advocating for brands and ideologies they believe in, but this comes off rather hypocritical to many as both the celebrities in question are diabetic.

For those of you who don’t know, Khan was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of just 17. On the other hand, Akram was diagnosed at the age of 29, and since then has been a staunch advocate of a healthy lifestyle.

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Having said that, it is imperative to say that celebrities of such a high stature come with equal responsibility of putting their audience at risk with their endorsements. Compassion for the country aside, Khan and Akram are also putting their young fans at greater risk of obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses by promoting Pepsi in connection with their commercial.

This may not be a big deal to many but today’s celebrities need to be critiqued wherever necessary. The world isn’t running short of sponsorship deals, but it’s best to be wise about what you choose to promote and refrain from hypocritical moves.


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