‘Indian skipper used to be scared of Pakistan’ recalls PM Imran Khan


Pakistan’s former captain and current Prime Minister, Imran Khan, looked back in his playing days and recalled how the Indian team used to be under pressure while playing against Pakistan.

Speaking during Ehsaas programme Live Telethon which was telecast by a number of TV channels, Khan said that Indian cricket team wasn’t a real threat during his playing days.

“To be honest, India wasn’t a tough opponent during our playing days. We often beat India and this was the reason why they used to be under pressure against us. “I still remember when I used to go to toss with their captain, I’d look at his face & he would be looking scared,” he said.

The former captain praised West Indies and said that they were the real power in past days. “I think West Indies was a tough opponent during our playing days. India has built their team now and they have transformed themselves,” he added.

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